Student Council

Expectations of a Student Council Representative: 

  • Be the voice of the student body. 
  • Promote unity, respect, and school spirit. 
  • Offer and oversee various activities around the school. 
  • Represent the students we serve and work in their best interest. 
  • Turn IDEAS into ACTION and be prepared to carry out the workload. 
  • Be involved and participate in school organized events and student council meetings. 
  • Discuss, share ideas, evaluate problems, and communicate with the student body and other members of student council.  

Student Council Goals and Objectives: 

  • Promote good citizenship and school spirit. 
  • Foster and promote cooperation among school staff, faculty, and the student body. 
  • Foster and promote good relationships between the school and the community. 
  • Work with staff and administration to make positive change at our school. 

Staff Advisor: Seth McElfresh

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